BIT Incorporated is a Toronto-centric Managed IT Services Provider, who’s mission is to make the same technologies and capabilities that are used in large corporations affordable and manageable for Small to Medium businesses.

We deliver that through the experience and expertise of our staff and our large portfolio of IT products and services. 

ManagedITIT Management, Monitoring and Support that delivers Enterprise IT Standards to Small and Medium Businesses

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TheCloudCloud Servers, Exchange Email, Remote Applications for Distributed Workforce, Backup & Business Continuity

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ProcurementWe Sell over 40,000 SKU’s of Computers, Servers, Printers, Security Appliances and Peripherals at Competitive Prices

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Get expert advice on expanding or optimizing your IT infrastructure.  Schedule a free IT Consultation appointment with a BIT Solutions Integrator, and find out what steps you can take to achieve your IT goals.  Whether you are looking to eliminate a bottleneck, expand your organization, upgrade your network, or anything that requires extensive IT planning, we’ll  be glad to work with you and your staff to develop a step  by step IT plan to suit your needs and goals.  We can work independently or with your current IT staff members.

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Protect Against ThreatsCheckCircleImplement proactive monitoring, scanning, and health checks to detect infrastructure, service and security events Maximize ProductivityCheckCircleLimit downtime, speed recovery time, and increase responsiveness through efficient IT Infrastructure management Manage RiskCheckCircleEnsure the availability and protection of data, applications, and systems – even during disruptions and systems outages Predict CostsCheckCircleTurn capital expenditure into operating expenditure while simplifying the monitoring, management of business operating expenses

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