Data Lost After Lightning Strikes Google Data Centre

Data Lost After Lightning Strikes Google Data Centre

On Lightning strikeAugust 13th , Google had lost data at one of their Data Centres in a Belgium facility.

The data centre was struck by lightning 4 times causing some of the hardware to fail. Even though some data was lost at the Data Centre, Google had replicated the data to other locations. The company Azendoo had to wait for 12 hours to get service restored.

If this could happen to Google, can this happen to you? I’m not saying we need to abandon the cloud, but “God happens” to the best of us. On a positive note, Charley David, who works at Azendoo was wise or lucky enough to have data backed up at another Google data centre. However, it still took Charley four days to fully recover.

This should be a reminder on how we look at our processes around disaster recovery and business continuity planning.

Do we have local and remote backups? Are the schedules for every backup operation documented?

If we lose internet or cloud services, what continuity plans are in place and how quickly are they executed?

Are these plans reviewed on a regular basis? This is just a very small sampling of questions.

If you can’t answer or get the answer quickly to those above questions, you have work to do. To make that work easier…

TechTarget has an excellent resource for free DR/BC planning templates


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