Mitigating the Risk of Cloud Based File Sharing Tools

Mitigating the Risk of Cloud Based File Sharing Tools

BITBOXLOGOMitigating the Risk of Cloud Based File Sharing

3 Common problems to cloud based file sharing tools and how BITBox can resolve them.

In 2013, employee misuse of DropBox in small to medium sized organizations was 21%

Today that percentage has more than doubled. That means there is a 50% chance that there could be someone using a FSS (File, Sync & Share) tool putting your corporate data at risk without you knowing it. (Source: Osterman Research Inc, 2013, 2015) 1 in 3 organizations have suffered data leakage.

Despite that, even authorized usage of FSS tools will have some issues executives will be concerned about. The most common concerns are:

  • Minimal IT control over content and lack of governance
  • No control over physical location of data storage
  • Security capabilities are sometimes lacking


  1. Minimal IT Control and lack of Governance

Most FSS tools are designed for simple consumer usage; therefore they don’t support or have centralized admin capabilities. Even though DropBox for Teams addresses some of these controls and collaboration functions, we still don’t have visibility to monitor the files and users.

BITBox has total control and visibility on what gets stored and shared. End users can access files from their notebook, tablet or phone in a controlled environment. BITBox integrates with Active Directory therefore carrying over all security and permissions on data to end users.

  1. No Control over Physical Location of Data Storage

Most FSS tools and services do not have the option of where your data is stored. For example DropBox utilizes Amazon S3 to store and transfer data. Employing another 3rd party provider increases security risk.

BITBox lets you keep your corporate files safe and synchronized on your choice of private or shared servers. BITBox’s data centre is located in Toronto, Ontario Canada in a top tier facility owned by Bell Canada.

  1. Security Capabilities are lacking

Where most FSS tools encrypt data at the storage level, BITBox uses 256 bit AES encryption and data is transferred securely over SSL. As mentioned above, NTFS file permissions are enforced via Active Directory. Data can be shared externally with PIN based authentication with an auto link expiry option. In case a device is lost, that device can be remotely wiped.

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