Network Health and Wellness

Network Health and Wellness

There is an old saying that “the only way to truly be healed is to know you aren’t sick in the first place”. This can be applied to many facets of our day to day world but nowhere is this truer than in the corporate IT environment. Many people in decision-making positions regarding IT spending aren’t necessarily from technical backgrounds. When end-users come to them with questions about the status of their computing environment, they may not be able to confidently answer them and that can make both parties feel uneasy. The analogy for this in regards to one’s health would be like asking your mechanic to tell you why you have a sore throat. So what do we do when we feel symptoms? We go to the doctor for an accurate diagnosis and get treated accordingly. This has been status quo since the days of Hippocrates.

But we have to ask, is there a better way to do this? One that is less reactionary? The answer is “Yes, there are several ways”. First and foremost, the thinking must be proactive. We know that if we eat healthy and exercise, we tend to feel better and get sick far less often. In the IT environment, this means regular maintenance. To go even one step further, regular monitoring. Keeping tabs on the day to day function of components in your network, mission critical applications and servers. It can have some administrative overhead, but can prevent you from having a costly crisis. RMM (Remote Monitoring & Management) is readily available in the Toronto area through managed IT services providers like BIT.

To go one step further, though, we can look to Cloud offerings to remove the strain of internal IT administration. By moving critical functions like email and document management out of the local office and into our sturdy, robust cloud environment you remove the potential for failures in equipment and software. This even removes the need for the man-hours required to internally monitor infrastructure.

So next time you worry yourself sick about your servers being sick, think about moving your critical processes into the safety of iBIT’s Cloud services. Heal your IT by knowing it isn’t sick in the first place.


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