Keep Your Data Safe at Home with Office 365

Keep Your Data Safe at Home with Office 365

Office 365 Data Residency in Canada now Available

office-365-cloud2Microsoft has just launched two Canadian data centres to support its cloud services. Office 365 and Azure are now available with Dynamics CRM scheduled to be online in September.

The two data centres in Toronto and Quebec City offer Canadian business options for “Canada Data Residency”. This data centre region provides in-country data residency, failover and disaster recovery for core customer data at rest to customers in Canada. 

Data residency has been the biggest concern for business and IT leaders when it comes to cloud adoption.  When it comes to compliance issues such as PIPEDA and data leaving the country, business leaders have a lot to worry about. These worries are eliminated. Microsoft has developed many tools to address these concerns regarding security and compliance.

Built-in Security Measures in Office 365

Physical Security LayerDefense Layers

Physical security is typically better than on-premise security. Microsoft datacentres employ 24 hour monitoring and restricted access to any of the facilities. Physical access control uses multiple authentication methods including biometrics to ensure the essential personal according to function is allowed.

Logical Layer

Dedicated threat management teams, port and perimeter scanning, and intrusion detection to prevent malicious access.

Data Layer

Encryption at rest and in transit, constant security management, and data/file integrity detection services.

Strategy for Office 365 Implementation

Preparation and planning is the key to a successful migration. I have listed below a few links that would be a good starting point in understanding security and compliance in Office 365.

Deployment Planning Checklist – A proper project plan should be derived after reviewing the steps and documents in this link.

Security in Office 365 Whitepaper – A more in-depth review on security and compliance in Office 365 based from my summary above.

Security and Compliance in Office 365 Administrative Help – Security and compliance task breakdowns from an administrative point of view.


Once a decision is made to migrate to Office 365, Microsoft has made  numerous resources available. BIT can assist in network infrastructure assessment in regards your current Office setup from Exchange Servers to endpoints. BIT can deliver licensing, billing and support for Office 365. For more information, give us a call.


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