Partner with Us

If you’re an independent technician or IT company that would like to be able to provide Hosted Services but don’t have the budget for an expensive datacentre and infrastructure, partnering with iBIT as a White-Label Reseller is for you. All of the same product and service offerings we provide will be available for you to provide to your customers. With all hosted services, geography won’t get in your way. You can set up as many entry domains as you want allowing you to have a locally appearing presence in any country you can do business.

As part of our White-Label program, you will have the following benefits:

  • Your own branded website, available from your own custom entry domain
  • Access to the full-featured Control Panel to manage clients
  • Multi-currency and Multi-language support
  • Support via our dedicated team at iBIT
  • Flexible billing and payment options

So, the big question comes now: How much do I get paid? This is where the program really starts to shine. Cost-to-customer is entirely under your control. The services are provided to you for a 30% reduction in price giving you the flexible margin to set pricing that will be competitive in the market but still make you a healthy profit.

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