The Party is Over for Apple and Linux Users

The Party is Over for Apple and Linux Users
Sad Linux and Apple Party

The Party is Over for Apple and Linux users

Being in IT, one cannot escape the never-ending debates about PC vs MAC, vs Linux, etc.

The debates usually are centered on a variety of topics, whether it is ease of use, costs and the most talked about one, “we don’t get viruses, malware, etc…” This is typically the trump card that gets thrown on the table against a PC loving user to end the debate.

What is true is that there are not as many malicious threats to Mac or Linux devices compared to PCs, since hackers will typically target the biggest market share.

In the recent weeks, Apple has been in the spotlight for a number of security related issues. From malware infected apps in their App store, down to Gatekeeper flaw in the OS X operating system. This short video from WatchGuard Technologies summarizes these issues.

For Linux, there is the recent XOR DDoS botnet malware that has caused havoc. Even though this botnet was targeting Linux servers directly connected to the internet and the chances of harming Linux PCs is low, this incident serves as a wake-up call to both Apple and Linux users who do not take security and threats seriously.

There are many incidents where Apple and Linux end users simply ignored implementing security software simply due to the attitude that they believe they could not get infected. Remember this commercial?!

Threats are growing. Hackers are becoming more sophisticated. Phishing campaigns don’t discriminate.

Attitudes need to change. Implementing security software even at a personal device level should become second nature like putting on our seat-belt anytime we step into a car.

The “I don’t get viruses/malware” trump card is now invalid. The party is over.

But the debate on which platform is better will never end.

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