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Our Team

Is a diverse group of certified IT professionals who are equipped with the right tools to effectively support any organization. We have the necessary skills and resources to handle various IT-related challenges that businesses may face.

Our team's diversity brings a variety of perspectives and problem-solving approaches, making us more versatile and adaptable to different situations.


Jerry Legierski
Chief Executive Officer

As a Ryerson University graduate, I began my career in Information Technology in 1995. I started in retail and eventually worked on global projects with universities and pharmaceutical organizations, providing clinical data collection services.

Nowadays, I devote my time to BIT and businesses in search of a Private Cloud Provider or Managed Services Provider.

On a personal note, I am married to my wife Yvonne, and I have traveled to every inhabited continent, visited 34 countries, climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro, and I am fluent in two languages.


Leanne Ambrose

Leanne Ambrose
General Manager

After attending school at Seneca College for Business Administration on the accounting track, I started my career in Customer Service. Once I'd had a chance to build on my skills working with client solutions, I transitioned into accounting and contract positions. In 2000, I joined the BIT team as an office coordinator and became an integral part of our operations.​

I spend my off time enjoying time with family (especially my grandson), going to the cottage and playing with my dog Tukie.

Corey Watts-Jones
Cloud Services Manager

After exploring physical security and logistics as careers, I did a reset in 1999 and carried over skills and critical thinking tools from my previous industries to IT. I’ve worked almost every position imaginable in the IT ladder throughout my career, starting as a bench technician for a large retail electronics chain and touching on physical cabling, user support, networking and systems administration along the way to management.

I’ve been with BIT since 2005 and have enjoyed taking part in every growth phase of the company since.

Corey WJ
  • Brent Davidson

    Brent Davidson
    Senior Systems Specialist

  • James Lee

    James Lee
    Mac | Studio Specialist

  • Jeramy Abad
    Jeramy Abad
    Senior Systems Specialist
  • Lisa Yip
    Lisa Yip
    Customer Experience
  • Mason Whatley
    Mason Whatley
    Systems Specialist
  • Nick Carasis
    Nick Carasis
    Senior Systems Specialist
  • Parm Nanra
    Parm Nanra
    Senior Systems Specialist
  • Ryan Genete
    Ryan Genete
    Systems Specialist