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CIPS IT Professionalism Week 2022


CIPS (Canada's Association of Information Technology Professionals) is having its annual IT Professionalism Week this year between October 21st and November 4th. Between the days of data processing in the 60s, the ISP (Internet Service Provider) designation in the 90s and extending into professional collaboration in today's Cloud era, CIPS recognizes what each sector suffers. In the past, a lack of professionals was a huge hindrance to progress. There is no shortage of professionals nowadays but, even with a full roster, a lack of of professionalism can be an even greater disaster. CIPS works to drive professionalism and ethics to the forefront and encourages continuous professional development. Organizations like CIPS help to improve the IT industry on a whole, affecting both IT providers, professionals and clients alike.


At BIT, we strive to maintain a level of standards in all areas; ethics, communication, best practices and transparency. The higher standard we hold ourselves to, the better the service to our clients at the end of the day. We want our customers to think of us like their own IT department, not just some company that helps them with their computers. As such, we want to be held to the same professional standards that you would hold your own staff and employees. Through strong partnerships with an established level of trust we will all come out better off in the end. 

If we haven't met yet, then let's chat. We can help put a plan together leveraging BIT's service offerings to advance your business in a professional fashion. 

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