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Doing A Digital Remodel? Hire The Right Contractor


The Pandemic, recession, rising costs of fuel, raw material prices and labour costs/availability are creating an open invitation for EC & AI (eCommerce and Artificial Intelligence) to grab more of the global supply chain from both front and back office processes. From front end web marketing to back end AI routing and fulfilment, commerce is leveraging digital transformation to compete in a most unusual market. 

Front Office websites tirelessly work 24 hours a day to entertain, educate, and engage targeted audiences using SEO optimization, Pay-Per-Click advertising, link-back building, opt-in email marketing and a seemingly endless river of content. They leverage other platforms like Facebook, Linked In, and Twitter to expand online channels and be competitive at the TOP LINE. 

Back Office platforms optimize shipping routes, integrate into ERP systems, provide logistics real-time visibility and tracking, and accessibly drive up customer service value, all while reducing costs to be competitive at the MID LINE. 

For the BOTTOM LINE, from commodity advertising to service and solution dialogues, online engagement strategies, frameworks and platforms are being deployed from small business to enterprise rapidly, for survivability with leadership oversight and sustainability. 

To effectively utilize all of these tools from TOP to BOTTOM, both small businesses and enterprise alike need to do what they do best and outsource the rest. Peter Drucker made this observation back in 2002 in his book "Managing in the Next Society" and it has never been more relevant than it is today. 

With digital leadership, oursourcers are virtually treated as element of the supply chain ecosystem and share honest relationships with clients. In the 2022 models, outsourcing is not a predatory procurement practice, driving more for less until the relationship is broken. You don't buy digital outsourcing, you wield it to lead your information technology. 

At BIT, we recognize that disappointing outsourcing outcomes are a failure in leading company alignment to satisfy both partner's goals. Trust needs to be built top down and must be strong to allow your outsource partner to lead your IT into the future.  

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