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Don't Expect Business Growth without Exceptional Data Growth in Tow


In the last 30 years, over half of the 7.9 Billion people on this planet came online. In an even shorter period, we've gone from screeching modems and IRC chat to TikTok dances, selfies and other mission critical tasks from the palms of our hands. The amount of worldwide digital text, sights and sounds is growing by leaps and bytes. 

Fortunately, we've also managed to grow our storage capacity along side that. In the last 5 decades, we've gone from 8 inch floppy disks with a whopping 80 kilobytes of storage to having 256 gigabyte key chain flash drives in our pockets. Nevermind the many defunct formats we've gone though in between (5.25" floppy, 3.25" floppy, Zip/Jump drives, CDs, DVDs, and BluRay). I personally remember being excited when my first computer had a 40 megabyte hard drive. What we carry around with us, data-wise, has geometrically increased. 

That said, there's no sign of that stopping. It has been estimated that by 2025 we'll be creating 463 exabytes of data on the global internet daily. For a little bit of scale, an exabyte has 18 zeros behind it and it contains a billion gigabytes.

So what does that mean for you and your business? Well, that a digital transition is inevitable and will become mandatory to stay competitive and relevant. You have the option to lead the charge ahead or lag behind.

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