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Getting An Autumn Lift


Dropping leaves and temperatures, shorter days, and summer in the rear view can impact our work ways and mood. Working this season in a time of inflation, recession, pandemic, war and virtualization does not make smiling any easier. 

We all need to leverage virtual positive connections to find happy faces around us; be it family, friends, associates, clients, customers, prospects, or vendors. We use Autumn to avoid 4 letter words like Fall. 

It's a time to engage optimistic alternative views. Try Boomers, they’ve worked through turbulence before, and some are back for more and some have just been in it the whole time.

 Enjoy your human connections and the company around you. If you feel isolated, enjoy virtual company. Misery loves shorter days and frowns, but optimists bring brighter ways and smiles.
We recommend a better 4 letter word for any season "Lift".

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