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Go Fourth into Tomorrow


In December of 1913, Henry Ford turned labor on its' head with powerful innovations in transportation and the automated assembly line and displaced thousands in the process. 

In March of 2020, the discovery and spread of COVID-19 had a effect on the modern labor force displacing millions, if not billions. This has reshaped how we think about the workplace and shifted opinions and attitudes for coming generations. 

The COVID disruption spectrum and volume is up by significant factors and rebounding from the pandemic, or Covexit, will take intelligence, collaboration and planning. Efficiencies in transportation and communications by way of artificial intelligence (AI) will continue to be a value-add for emerging technologies, but human intelligence (HI) and emotional collaboration are going to need a hefty boost. AI has the capacity to ease the tech sector through Covexit but HI is still in free trial and will need to be re-evaluated during.

Now is the time to leverage your organization into a bit of leeway with some innovative solutions.

PS. May the Fourth be with you!

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