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June “Digit” & “Double Digit”


Actions for June - Personally & Professionally


Our Ontario general election will be held on Thursday June 2, 2022. We have four choices and get one digit (X) to use. Optional party leaders are Andrea, Doug, Mike or Steven. Our leaders span from Left to Right with promises and performance history to evaluate. Three of the four parties have ruled over the last 60 years and we can judge results accordingly. Our personal choice will bind direction for 4 years and will influence quality of life.


Digital gives you two choices of digit (1, 0) to use and we apply these to our business in the most ingenious ways. In these last 60 years since Grace Hopper's military charge to COBOL (Common Business-Oriented Language), the first user-friendly business computer software program, commerce has accelerated and amplified the digital impact on business. 

Unlike four parties, we have multiple vendors, platforms, systems, applications, utilities and devices to judge. Our professional choice will set direction for our company and directly impact performance, profitability and sustainability. 

In June judge wisely, both personally and professionally. At BIT (Beyond Information Technology) we don’t provide personal opinions, but if your business were not leveraging digital, you could not be reading this professional opinion. 

BIT provides professional business clients the benefit of our technical experience, access to our leadership talent and vendor connections to provide and maintain sustainable business solutions for the second half of 2022 and beyond.

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