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Psychic Power Or Splitting Headache?


Microsoft has stopped selling technology that guesses someone's emotional state based on facial cues. Between the lack of consensus on a definition of 'emotions,' and the inability to generalize the linkage between facial expression and emotional state helped suspend this initiative. 

Google blocked 13 planned emotions from its tool for reading emotion and placed four existing ones under review. It seems as though getting through the dozens of emotions and maze of permutations, cultural differences, and individual expressions is more than just a test of logic and speed. Rapidly recognizing emotional differences like "interest from anxiety" or "calmness from confused" is key to relationship building even without facial recognition. In the emotional domain, simple is not easy. If the answers were logically simple Microsoft and Google, with an assist from AI (Artificial Intelligence), would already know how we feel about some of their products. 

For some technical professionals in the business of relationship building, "it" may be simple, but defining "it" is not easy. However, now we know, it takes more than money and logic. Personality goes beyond AI. For MSPs (Managed Service Providers), technical credibility includes knowing the past and understanding the speed of change within our industry. Technical trust includes transparency, commercial respect, being responsive/agile, and enchantingly collaborative. Build new, stronger relationships with Personality, Credibility & Trust.