How do I change my background in Microsoft Teams?

With more and more people in remote work scenarios, meetings have moved almost exclusively to platforms like Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Google Hangout.

Specific to Teams, if you want to change your video background, the following steps will make that happen.

  1. Before joining your meeting, you will be given the option to Apply Background Effects. Click this option and you can choose to either Blur your background or apply one of the available images to appear behind you. Once you have made your choice, click Apply.
  2. If you have already joined the meeting, you can change your background by clicking the three dots at the top (More Actions) and choosing Apply Background Effects. You will have the same options as above and when you’ve decided, click Apply.
  3. If you have a custom image that you would like to use, click on the + Add New option at the top. Browse to the location of the image you wish to use, select it and click OK. This will now give you the option to use this image and it will appear at the bottom of your list.