MSPs and Economic Growth

Updated: Jun 14

OECD predicts Canada will be the worst performing advanced economy

over the next decade…and the three decades after that

Canada has moved from the back of the pack to last place in

productivity and is projected to hold this spot for decades to come,

meaning “Canadian living standards and quality of life relative to

other countries are set to decline.”

Course Correction Required! 1/ Provide higher business investment 2/

Speed innovation adoption 3/ Improve incentives for companies aspiring

to scale.

Large business is on its own for #2, but small business have MSPs to

turn to. Innovation move business from part of the problem to part of

the solution. Adaptable, sustainable businesses are remodeling to

ensure remote culture performance, based on productivity,

confidentiality and security continues. There is no going back from

this pandemic’s “remote workplace attitude” and companies must still

meet competitive needs. The future of ensuring strategic executive

effectivity means maintaining alignment with secure operational

efficiency and is beyond the current challenge of connecting operating

technology to executive governance.

BIT (Beyond Information Technology) builds the virtual bridge of

traffic flow connecting executive vision to operational activity.

Communicating visions and deploying matching solutions must provide

executives with visibility and operations teams with flexibility and

convenience. Beyond just the technology, key communications factors

will need emphasis and maintenance while employees work outside of the


Maintaining your company culture is mission critical. Positioning your

company to stay connected to overall vision and goals goes beyond

connecting the pieces. Beyond digital equipment & devices, digital

platforms & apps, digital security, digital audit & assessment,

digital backup & disaster recovery, and digital telephony, weaving

cohesive company culture in, is a mission for the competent. So start

at the top, with a plan.

Share a Byte with BIT to get planned beyond your technology challenges.


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