Managed IT Services and Security

Our mission is to make your organization’s IT simpler, more secure and universally accessible.

Think of Us as Your IT Department!

About US

Headquartered in Toronto, BIT Incorporated, or simply BIT, is a respected regional leader in Cloud computing, IT support and management.

We replace internal IT roles with a team of dedicated and skilled IT professionals delivering Enterprise IT Standards to small and medium businesses. 

Our services encompass IT consulting, Cloud, support, repairs, maintenance and ongoing monitoring to ensure your servers, computers and applications function effectively, reliably and are universally accessible.

We function as your IT Department.

Just like if we were your employees, you will get to know our staff and you will feel they are part of your organization. Our people are dedicated to IT and understand your business. It’s not a slogan, it’s who we are as people and IT is what we do.

We Procure your Products

We sell and service over 45,000 computer related SKU’s from vendors such as Microsoft, Adobe, Dell, Hewlett Packard, Apple, WatchGuard, Cisco and Dell among many others. If your organization needs a hardware equipment or a software license, we can get it.

We Help your Staff

We provide technical support directly to your employees 24/7/365. There is no need to get an authorization and support is all inclusive in your monthly fee. If you need technical support, we will be there 416.646.1690, option 1.

We function as an IT department for your business.

BIt Offices
BIT Corporate Offices

A brief history…

We provided first IT Services in 1993 and our first three clients are valuable clients today. In 1999 we opened our US location, and in 2011 we added Cloud Services. We are Gold and Silver authorized partners of IBM, Microsoft, Hewlett Packard, WatchGuard, Cisco, Dell and many others.

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Managed IT Services

Managed IT is a PROACTIVE approach to managing IT. We replace internal IT roles with a team of dedicated and skilled IT professionals capable of delivering Enterprise IT Standards to small and medium businesses. Managed IT encompasses IT consulting, support, repairs, maintenance and ongoing monitoring to ensure your servers, computers and applications function effectively and reliably

Managed IT is a PROACTIVE approach to managing computers, networks and applications to ensure high reliability with early problem detection, eliminating outages.

We replace internal IT roles with a team of dedicated and skilled IT professionals with specialized skill sets, delivering Enterprise IT Standards to small and medium businesses.

Managed IT includes consulting, support, repairs, backup/disaster recovery, procurement, maintenance, and monitoring to ensure your hardware and applications function reliably.

How we Work

We use Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) tools that enable us to handle 90% of IT issues immediately and remotely, without needing to send a technician to your office. In most cases, we know about a problem, before you need to call as your technology is being constantly monitored.

Cloud Computing

The Cloud is a transformative delivery model that has changed the way technology vendors and consumers implement IT systems.

What exactly “The Cloud” is remains a matter of debate, as there are dozens of definitions for cloud computing and escaping the cloud is almost impossible. But certainly, it is a fundamental shift to a new IT architecture grounded in broad availability, multi-tenancy, shared resources, and dynamic capacity. It’s about changing the entire cost structure of technology from a capital expenditure to a recurring operational expense. The Cloud is making technology more accessible, productive, and affordable, which is the driving force behind its rapid adoption.

Subscription access to the latest Office apps, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook all connected through Exchange email and SharePoint document management for seamless email and file collaboration. And recently complemented by TEAMS with seamless video conferencing.

Private Cloud is a shared IT infrastructure where multiple servers and applications reside in a secure data centre on powerful, secure, redundant and scalable IT Infrastructure. Think of it as an Office Tower for computers. Where multiple clients use shared, yet highly sophisticated infrastructure.

On-premises, hybrid, multi-cloud or at the edge – secure, future-ready Cloud solutions incorporating your on premise Active Directory with Azure Blop storage such as Azure File, Data Lake Storage, Virtual Private Servers, Virtual Cloud Workstations and highly scalable SQL databases.

Data Center and Colocation Facility

BIt Data Center
Data Center and Private Cloud

Data Centre Technical Details
Located in Mississauga, Canada, the facility is purpose design and built for 99.999% availability, security, electrical and fire protection.
Internet is supplied by three diverse GigE Internet connections for full redundancy.
Additional redundancy is available in an independent Vaughan colocation.
All iBIT Private Cloud Servers are collocated in the Mississauga or Vaughan Data Centres.

A more sustainable Website for more sustainable Future.

Did you know a website has a Carbon Footprint? Yes. It is true. The average website produces 1.76 grams of CO2 per page view. Meaning a site that gets just 10,000 monthly page views generates a whopping 211 kg of CO2 per year – the same amount produced by 8 barbecue tanks. This is why, we designed this website experience is a way to generate as little CO2 as possible, and we take the same care when configuring server profiles to generate as little CO2 as possible.

IT Infrastructure

Cat 6 Patch Panel

Structured Cabling Systems

Structured Cabling
Structured Computer Cabling

A structured network cabling system (SCS) is the critical foundation of the local area network (LAN) and supports the integration of wide area network services into the organization, such as data, voice, fax and internet, at the demarcation point.

Structured Cabling Components

  • Structured or Horizontal Cabling
  • Patch Panels, Wall Mounts, Racks
  • Surface Mount, Wall Plate, Patch Cables
  • Backbone Cabling, Suite-to-Suite, Wireless Point-to-Point
  • Cable Management, Trays and Runners

Installation Good Practice. In addition to Data and Computer standards, building regulations require compliance with Fire Codes. A qualified network cabling installer must understand and employ these standards.

Fibre Optic Cables

Fiber Optic Cables
Fiber Optic Computer Cabling

When to use Fire Optic cable

Fibre optic cabling is typically used to transmit higher bandwidth applications where data needs to travel long distances (greater than 90 metres) and is usually employed to provide a  “backbone” to interconnect several distribution points. Fibre Optic cabling would be needed in a network that spread over a large site where several buildings share a common data network.

Wireless Access Points

Wireless and Point to Point Solutions

When to use Wireless

Wireless connections are becoming more popular as more and more devices such as phones, tablets, laptop computers and presentation projectors access the corporate network. When installing a large wireless network, we recommend unified solutions where multiple access points work in unison and are interconnected using Cat 5e cabling.
For wireless Point-to-Point we recommend Ubiquity wireless Bridges for distances up to 20 kilometres.

How big does my cabling system need to be? Structured cabling systems are sized in terms of a number of outlets for a given workstation or office. A typical office might have 2 outlets; one each for phone and data. Other considerations must include printing, scanning and wireless access points.

It is best practice that provisions be made for future network expansion when sizing the cabling system and an allowance made for additional outlets to cope with technology, such as projectors, wireless access points, etc. It is significantly more expensive to retroactively install additional cabling.

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