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To provide your organization with IT services that have all the benefits of an Internal IT department, but without the costs associated with maintaining and hiring dedicated IT staff. All this, in a friendly and professional manner.


Security Services

Maintaining security and Business Continuity

is our most important and ongoing process,

enabling your organization to function without IT interruptions

We provide 24/7 helpdesk

directly to your employees

to maximize IT


User Support


Proactive hardware,

software, network,

monitoring, maintenance

and patching

Managed IT

Jerry Legierski


We ensure your systems

are backup up to  mitigate

risks and establish

business continuity

Proactive hardware,

software, network,

monitoring, maintenance

and patching

We manage licenses,

applications, storage

and access at predictable

monthly costs

Microsoft 365

The Cluod

We provide Private and

Public Cloud for

your specific business

application and services

We started over 20 years ago and our first 3 clients

are still clients today. Thank You!

It is my personal goal, that all our clients feel confident that their corporate data

is safe and they can start their systems and applications to do their business,

while I have their “IT Back”.

We do this by offering Managed IT Services at Fixed Monthly Cost

in the the Greater Toronto Area and selected US States,

for any corporation with 10 to 200 employees.

Why US?

We source your

hardware, software and


at competitive prices


Data Center

Your IT

Think of us as your IT Department, our customers do!

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