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Innovation Accountability


In May 2022 Toronto companies will formalize return-to-office policies, others are going fully remote, and the rest are adopting hybrid work-from-anywhere models as their new normal. 

In all directions, technical innovation will play a key role in business models. Although many business owners want more independence in the supporting technology buyer’s journey and less direct vendor interaction, the experienced leader understands, like legal and finance (which we’ve been outsourcing for centuries), “representing yourself” is an ill-advised position to get into accountability-wise. The responsibility of technology goes way beyond pick-and-place device responsibility. Like the functions of legal and finance, technology now holds a mission critical place in your company leadership. 

Legal and financial have history (centuries) and move slowly compared to digital IT which got World Wide Web enabled just over two decades ago. The technology change is fast and complex in good times and now in 2022 emerging from a pandemic with supply chain disruptions and skilled labor shortages, forced to contend with escalating MSE (Malicious Social Engineering), we’re not recording this as the best of times. The technology and security a la carte approach simplifies procurement at the high cost of business life cycle risk. Today's business leader has to balance the cost “efficiencies” in procurement with the sustainability “effectivity” of directions taken and be held accountable for their choices. Like legal and financial, delegation is a wise leadership option. 

BIT (Beyond Information Technology) business clients get the benefit of our technical experience, access to our leadership talent and connected to our vendor management network which provides and maintains sustainable solutions. BIT will make you as competent as our network, and that’s worth the investment of a discovery call. 

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