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Labour Day Is Coming


Summer gives staff a chance to take some vacation time, enjoy the sunny (hopefully) weather, and recharge their batteries. The summer days are waning now though and for many businesses, Labour Day means a return to industrial strength work at full bandwidth. BIT (Beyond Information Technology) running at industrial strength bandwidth this year means driving 2022 into the best it can be and ramping up planning for a solid start to 2023. 

Now that we're past the half way point for 2022, we're seeing a reduction in all of the management considerations for safe distancing, safe practices, safety protocols, safe procedures and safety policies. It's been hard not to let those factors overrun leadership planning for the coming year. To ease the pain that comes with these extra managerial processes, BIT has been the perfect outsource for IT leadership. We have been providing guidance and management direction from a safe distance during the pandemic and will continue forwards with our clientelle with all of their safety considerations. Outsourcing IT management allows your leadership to focus on being it's best in 2022 and preparing for a better 2023. 

Leveraging beyond technology happens in the planning, and we've been doing technical planning for decades.