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Outsourcing 2022


In automotive tech, AI implemented "foot to the rear door" activation. In Human Management we’ve eliminated this motivational feature. 

As AI discovers new frontiers to conquer, leaders are scrambling to balance performance, motivation and wellness issues in a volatile environment. More are doing “lift & shift” of process or total functions to an outsource provider. The leadership privilege of delegation. 

Outsourcing has been with us for centuries; ship builders did not put down their mallets to sew sails. To-day as costs, risks and liabilities rapidly escalate, leaders distribute the load. Remote outsourcing has matured from operational processes like data entry, payroll, bookkeeping and manufacturing to strategic corporate divisions. 2022 has CFO, CLO, CMO, & CTO (Finance, Legal, Marketing & Technology) FaaS (Functions as a Service). 

Specialized outsourced functions provide cost savings, lower risk, add scarce skills, leverage mature processes and experienced management. We’ve evolved from “do what you do best, and outsource the rest” (Peter Drucker, last Century) to 2022’s “outsource for sustainability”. 

Outsourcing Leeway is Booming.